Simply Brilliant
Swim Stim Catches – This new technology sends fish into a feeding frenzy. Swim Stim is nutritionally perfect. This makes it not only a more powerful and effective attractant than usual baits, such as traditional biscuit meal or breadcrumb based groundbaits and trout pellets, but it also makes it a perfectly balanced fish friendly product.
The secret to Swim Stim is not only the fish stimulating ingredients but in the balanced way the ground bait is designed to mix. You can make it go cleanly to the bottom of your swim or break down on the way down depending on how you mix it.
Once the ball of ground bait starts to break down the Water – Soluble attractants aggressively leak into the flow of water pulling all species of coarse fish towards your swim.
Drop a small ball of Swim Stim Ground Bait into the margins. You will notice the aggressive breakdown and leaking of attractants for yourself. For availability please visit our stockists page.
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