The Frenzied cooking process helps retain all of the water-soluble attractants of hempseed that are normally lost in boiling, leaving high grade seeds coated in rich oil.

These actively dissipate oil and fizz for hours on end to attract and hold carp in the swim.
Do the fizz test for yourself, drop a handful of seeds in the margins and watch the attractants disperse. Once you have noticed the oily consistency and the natural potency of Frenzied Hempseed you will have ultimate confidence.

Forget hours spent soaking and boiling hempseed, Frenzied Hempseed is far superior product and the ultimate in convenience for the modern carper who has to fit fishing around a job and family commitments. Supplied in 500 gram sealed tins or 2.3kilo session packs preservative free Frenzied Hempseed is the ideal solution.

You only need open what you want at any one time, the rest keeping indefinitely. Use Frenzied Hempseed and don’t look back.
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